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Aakaran Dhanurasana

   1  Asana practiced in the sitting pose 

 Aakarn Dhanurasana – (Pulled Bow Pose)

"Akarshana" means "pulling" and "Dhanus" means "bow" in Sanskrit. In this posture, the big toes are pulled up to the ear (alternately) as an archer pulls back the string of his bow and gets ready to shoot an arrow.


  1. Sit erect.
  2. Stretch out the legs and keep them close together.
  3. Place the palms on the floor at the sides.
  4. Bend the right leg at the knee and crossing the left leg, place the right heel on the ground beside the left ankle.
  5. Grasp the right big toe with the thumb, index and middle fingers of the left hand and the left big toe with the right thumb, index and middle fingers.
  6. Inhaling and keeping the head erect, pull up the right foot till the right knee comes near the right armpit and the right big toe touches the left ear. While doing this, the right hand should pull the big toe of the left leg. While pulling the toes, fix your gaze on the big toe of the stretched left leg.
  7. Exhaling, bring back the right foot to the floor on the left side of the outstretched left leg. Release the hands and stretch the legs straight again side by side.
  8. Practice reversing the position of the legs.
  •  Variation: Stretch out the legs. Pull the big toes straight towards the ears on the same side of the body, one after the other.    

The arms, shoulders, chest, waist, back, thighs and calves come into play in Akarshana Dhanurasana, and they become well developed, well proportioned and strong.





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