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Agnisar Pranayama

Agnisar Pranayama

Agnisar is a cleansing practice where the internal fire is stoked thereby helping to heat up the body from within and stimulate digestion. Agnisar requires pushing the navel against the spine as many times as possible.
1   First stand in an erect position.
2   Make a distance between your legs ranging from 1 to 1 & ½ feet.
3   Place both your hands on the respective knees.
4   Slowly exhale completely.
5   Now as we retain our breath out in Uddiyana, follow the same pattern here.
6   Without inhaling, try to blow out like a balloon your stomach, which has gone in due to complete exhalation. Maintain it for two seconds.
7   Then take the stomach in and again blow it out. Do the same 4 to 6 times.
8   Now inhale. This completes one round of Agnisara. Practice it for four to five times.
1   It should be practiced only on an empty stomach.
2   Avoid practicing it within four hours of your meal.
3   Avoid this pose during pregnancy, menstruation or after abdominal surgery.
1   It increases circulation to abdominal muscles, tissues and organs.
2   It improves elimination of waste and excess fat from the abdomen region.
3   It increases energy and elevates mood.

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