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Ardha Padmasana

Asana for Meditation and concentration

 Ardha Padmasana – (Half-Lotus Pose) 

"Ardha" means "half" and "Padma" means "lotus" in Sanskrit. Those who are unable to assume the full Padmasana posture using both legs as described above owing to the stiffness of their legs or bulky thighs may begin practicing with one leg at a time alternately until they are able to develop the full posture. With the practice of this asana daily, they will be able to take that posture for a long time without discomfort and switch on to the full Padmasana posture after sufficient practice. 

  1. Sit erect on the carpet in Sukhasana
  2. Stretch out the legs fully in front of you and keep the heels a little apart.
  3. Fold the right leg slightly at the knee-joint. Take hold of the right ankle with the right hand and the right big toe with the left hand. Bending the right knee towards the floor, bring the foot up slowly towards your body and set it firmly at the root of the left thigh with the sole turned upwards and without changing the position of the extended left leg. The heel should lightly press the left side of the lower abdomen and the back portion of the foot should rest on the left thigh.
  4. Press down the bent right knee gently with your palm so that it remains touching the ground.
  5. Fold the left leg slightly at the knee-joint.
  6. Take hold of the left ankle with the left hand and the left big toe with the right hand.
  7. Bending the left knee outwards towards the floor, slide the outer edge of the foot along the floor and draw it gently towards the right calf.
  8. Slightly raise the right thigh and place the left foot beneath the right thigh in a comfortable position with its sole turned upward.
  9. The back portion of the left foot should lie straight along the floor.
  10. The left knee should also touch the floor closely.
  11. Place the right palm on the right knee and the left palm on the left knee with fingers close together.
  12. Remain motionless and relaxed in this position as long as you feel comfortable.
  13. Stretch out your legs and return to the starting position of Sukhasana slowly and without any jerks.
  14. Stretch out your left leg first and then your right.
  15. Repeat changing the position of the legs.  

  1. Performing the Ardha Padmasana makes it easier to do the more difficult Full Padamasana as it makes the hip-joints, knees and ankles more flexible.
  2. You may sit in this position as long as you wish and even make it a regular sitting posture.
  3. It is also suitable for meditation.  

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