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Ardha Shalabhasana

4  Asana practiced while lying on the stomach

 Ardha Shalabhasana – (Half-Locust Pose) 

"Shalabha" means "locust" in Sanskrit. The final position of this asana resembles a locust when it lowers its head to eat and raises its tail. Hence, the name. 'Ardha' means 'half' in Sanskrit.  

  1. Lie flat on your abdomen and chest with the face downwards.
  2. Keep the hips close to the floor and the legs straight and close to each other.
  3. Keep your arms stretched back on the sides.
  4. Raise your head a little and place your chin on the floor.
  5. Clench your fingers into fists and place them on the floor facing upwards.
  6. Inhale and hold your breath.
  7. Pressing the fists down, raise backward your left leg as far up as you can, keeping the leg straight and outstretched.
  8. Hold the breath and maintain the position for about five seconds.
  9. Exhaling slowly, press the fists down and lower the leg without bending the knee.
  10. Repeat with the right leg.  

  1. Do not clench your fist too tight or too loose.
  2. Persons with hernia, weak lungs and cardiac complaints should not practice the asana.
  3. Pregnant women should also not practice this asana.   

  1. It improves blood circulation.
  2. It dissolves excess fat from the thighs, hips, waist, abdomen and the posterior.
  3. Diabetic patient may practice this asana to control the disease.
  4. It relieves constipation and improves digestion.
  5. This yoga pose benefits women through its effect on the ovaries and uterus, helping to correct disorders of these organs.  



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