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The Standing Pose

3  Asana practiced in the standing pose

Paadhastasana – (Hand-to-Feet Pose)
"Paad" means "foot" and "Hast" means "hand" in Sanskrit. You have to catch your big toes with your hands in this posture.
Sirshasana – (Head stand)
"Sirsha" means "head" in Sanskrit. It is required to "stand on his head" in this asana and hence the name.
Surya Namaskar – (Sun Salutation)
"Surya" in Sanskrit means "The Sun God" and "Namaskar" means "connoting obeisance". Surya Namaskar or the sun salutation hence literally means "saluting to the sun".
Tadasana – (Mountain Pose)
Tada" in Sanskrit means “mountain”. Hence, this pose is also known as the Mountain Pose.
Trikonasana – (Triangle Pose)
"Tri" means "three", "Kona" means "angle", and "Trikona" means "triangle" in Sanskrit The straight legs with the floor between the feet resemble the three sides of a triangle in this asana. Hence the name
Utkatasana – (Half-Squat Pose)
"Ut" means 'raised' and "kata' means "hips" in Sanskrit. This posture is known as "Utkatasana" because while practicing it, the heels and hips are raised.
Virabhadrasana – (Warrior Pose)
It is a posture. It is a potent asana, symbolizing physical power and invigorating energy. It is performed in three stages - Virabhadrasana I, Virabhadrasana II and Virabhadrasana III. It imbues strength, courage, endurance and confidence to the performer.
Vrikshasana – (Tree Pose)
"Vriksha" means "tree" in Sanskrit. In the final position of this asana, you have to stand still like a tree.

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