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Shiv Yog Sadhna
Sector-66, Mohali,
District Mohali, Punjab,
Our New branch opened in New Delhi also
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Our Branch office will open very soon in Delhi


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Dugdh Neti

 Dugdha Neti - Neti with Milk

Using milk in the Neti pot, pre-warmed to body temperature, is suitable for those who may suffer chronic nose bleeds or those who initially find intense irritation from the use of salty water. Milk Neti can be done in instances where airborne chemicals or particles have already stripped and/or irritated the nasal lining, for example after sanding plaster or fibreglass. It is best done after a normal pot of warm salty water of Stages 1 and 2. The milk does not need to flow through from one side to the other for half a pot as in the water methods. It only fills the ingoing nostril and is then withdrawn. Once from each side is sufficient. Milk Neti should not be done without qualified advice for your specific problem, and even then, it should not be done excessively.


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