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3  Asana practiced in the standing pose

 Sirshasana – (Head stand) 

"Sirsha" means "head" in Sanskrit. It is required to "stand on his head" in this asana and hence the name.  

  1. Spread a cloth or blanket folded several times on the carpet to serve as a cushion or pad for your head.
  2. Kneel down in front of the pad with only the toes and knees touching the ground.
  3. Sit back between your heels.
  4. Stoop forward, raising the haunches from the heels.
  5. While doing so, bend your arms and place your elbows, forearms and hands on the pad on either side of your head.
  6. Form a firm finger-lock to fit round the back of your head, palms facing inwards.
  7. Bring the elbows in towards each other and make a convenient angle in front of you with the forearms and elbows.
  8. Bend the head down perpendicularly and place the hind part of the crown of your head on the pad with the interlocked fingers pressing the back of your head.
  9. Raise your knees, hips and the lower part of your trunk and straighten out your legs.
  10. Bring the feet together.
  11. Drag your feet slowly towards your face and balance your feet on tiptoe.
  12. Knees should be close to the chest.
  13. Pressing the toes, elbows, forearms and head against the floor, give a gentle kick and lift your feet together off the floor.
  14. The thighs should be upright, the legs horizontal and the trunk perpendicular to the ground.
  15. Keep the feet together and maintain balance.
  16. Fold the legs back on the thighs.
  17. Raise the folded legs and thighs till the thighs come parallel to the floor.
  18. Straighten the back maintaining balance.
  19. Straighten out the thighs fully in line with the trunk, with the legs still folded back on the thighs.
  20. Open out your legs and stretch them up vertically.
  21. Bring the legs together and maintain balance.
  22. This is the final position.
  23. Return to the starting position slowly in the reverse order.
  24. Lie down in Savasana and allow your muscles to relax. 

  1. This asana directly stimulates the pineal and the pituitary glands in the brain whose healthy functioning is essential proper metabolism.
  2. A regular practice of Sirshasana benefits the nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory and endocrine systems.
  3. It also sharpens the sensitivity of the sense organs. 



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